Maine gourmet whoopie pies need votes in ‘Munch Madness’ tournament

cape whoopies

The state of Maine takes a lot of pride in its whoopie pies, which in 2011 were famously declared the official state treat. That same year, Gardiner-based Wicked Whoopies broke a world record by making a 1,062-pound whoopie pie in South Portland.

Well, now, our beloved sweet needs Mainers to defend its honor — and our state’s claim to it — again. One of Maine’s gourmet whoopie pie makers, Cape Whoopies, needs our online votes in the food marketer website Goldbely’s “Munch Madness” tournament.

much madnessVotes will be counted until 1:45 a.m. Saturday — I know, seems like an arbitrary deadline — so there are only a few hours left to cement Cape Whoopies’ victory and vault it to the next round. Click here to do so.

Currently, the Cape Elizabeth whoopie pie maker, which boasts such gourmet flavors as Fruit Orchard and Vanilla Delight, holds a perilously thin 1,325-1,289 advantage over New York-based Serendipity 3’s frozen hot chocolate dessert.

If Cape Whoopies makes the next round, go back to the Goldbely site to vote again for our Maine contestant and push them all the way to the title.

If Cape Whoopies advances in the Sweet Tooth Bracket of the tournament, the local bakery will likely face the Ohio-based Killer Brownie, which holds a substantial lead over Arkansas’ The Crispery. Stay tuned, food fans.