Dysart’s limited edition PurpleBerry Pie is for a good cause that hits close to home

Purpleberry Pie, photo courtesy of Dysarts

Strawberry rhubarb pie. Blueberry pie. Apple pie. … PurpleBerry Pie?

Yep, it’s real and it’s available at Dysart’s for a limited time starting today. And this is a pie for a good cause (or as Dysart’s puts it: “Pie with a Purpose”). Proceeds from sales of the pie will be donated to the Maine chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

“Alzheimer’s hits close to home with me personally because my husband was recently diagnosed and is battling the disease every way he knows how,”said Mary Dysart-Hartt, co-owner of Dysart’s. “He’s a fighter and he is strong and he is doing everything he can. But our hope is that the services and research continue so that some day … some day hopefully soon, people will not have to fight this fight. It’s a difficult battle for the strongest of individuals.”

Purple, the color associated with Alzheimer’s Disease, in honor of the disease — and whole pies come with a purple ribbon and a recipe card in the box.

“Alzheimer’s Disease has so many words to describe it: awful, heartbreaking, debilitating, crushing, frustrating, unfair, horrible…the list goes on and on,” said Dysart-Hartt. “The Alzheimer’s Association, Maine Chapter is doing good work with awareness, support, care, and advocacy. The purpose of the PurpleBerry Pie is not just to raise money for the important services and research done by the Alzheimer’s Association, but also to raise awareness and call attention to The Longest Day – an event held annually on the summer solstice to symbolize the challenging journey of those who are living with the disease.”

The pie is only available at Dysart’s for 20 days, and costs $20 for full pie. Individual slices are also available.

Sarah Walker Caron

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