Massimo’s Breads in Brewer appears to be closing; bakery equipment being auctioned off

Anne Marie and Massimo Ranni, March 2016. BDN photo by Gabor Degre.

Anne Marie and Massimo Ranni, March 2016. BDN photo by Gabor Degre.

Massimo’s Breads, the Brewer-based bakery run by Massimo Ranni, appears to be closing, and this week is auctioning off its bakery equipment.

The bakery, located at 56 Stevens Road in Brewer, has since 2011 baked artisan Italian breads and pastries in both its original Hammond Street Bangor location, and in its Brewer location, where the business moved to in 2015, selling its wares to local retail outlets and restaurants.

Ranni and his wife, Anne Marie, have since 2007 owned and operated a variety of food businesses in Bangor, starting with Massimo’s Italian Cucina, which opened in 2007 at 96 Hammond St. In 2011, the bakery opened at 130 Hammond St., and then, after the bakery moved to Brewer, Massimo’s Pizza Bar opened in early 2016, offering faster, more casual brick oven pizza in addition to the more upscale Italian offerings at the Cucina. In February 2016, the original Massimo’s closed (replaced by Brahma Grill), and in October 2016, the Pizza Bar closed (replaced by Novio’s).

Calls to the Brewery bakery were not returned as of Friday morning.

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